Remember the last time Jon Jones stepped inside the Octagon?

Of course you all do, as the UFC light heavyweight champion was put to the test against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165.

Below is the play-by-play of the fight and a video replay of the action that includes comments from the corner of Jones.

Jones will face Glover Teixeira tonight at UFC 172 and we’ll have complete coverage of the entire event.

Jon Jones (c) vs. Alexander Gustafsson for the UFC light heavyweight championship

It’s time. Our main event features UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (18-1) taking on No. 1 contender Alexander Gustafsson (15-1). With a win, Jones will surpass Tito Ortiz for the most successful title defenses in the division. Gustafsson, he is trying to join Chris Weidman and Anthony Pettis as new champions in the UFC over the past few months. The veteran official, John McCarthy, will be in charge of the action.

Round 1: The Air Canada Centre is loud for this one. They have been waiting all night, and so have we. Gustafsson throwing some nice inside leg kicks, closing the distance against Jones quickly. Jones gets the clinch, but Gustafsson gets out. Spinning back kick to the body by Jones, and he goes to the front-leg side kick. Several of them thrown by Jones, and Gustafsson starts answering with kicks to Jones. Gustafsson counters with an inside uppercut that lands, and he hits a left jab as well. Gustafsson with a glancing right blow, and he is landing several strikes through the first three-plus minutes. Left lands by Gustafsson and Jones has a cut over his right eye. Gustafsson pushing forward, backing Jones up. Spinning back kick by Jones lands to the midsection. Combo by Gustafsson lands, as does an overhand right. Gustafsson is winning the striking exchanges so far. Gustafsson becomes the first fighter to take Jones down, doing so in the center of the Octagon. An accidental eye poke by Jones causes a stop and McCarthy warns both to watch the fingers. Spinning back elbow just misses by Jones, who ends the round aggressively.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

Round 2: Greg Jackson constantly told Jones between rounds to “calm down.” Gustafsson takes him down again, and Jones quickly gets back up. He starts chasing but can’t get hold of the Swede. Gustafsson fends off another takedown attempt, as he has been stuffed now five times. Wild right just misses by Gustafsson, and Jones seems unsure of the distance between the two. Jones lands a head kick that sends Gustafsson flying back a bit. Spinning back kick to the body by Jones again and a left lands. Gustafsson catches a head kick, Jones drops and spins, clinches, but can’t get the takedown. Credit Phil Davis with these six takedown defenses by Gustafsson, as the two train on a daily basis after facing off years ago.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Round 3: Jones appears to be a little fatigued, breathing heavily on the stool between rounds. His right eye also appears to be bothering him. Jones with a kick, but Gustafsson lands a combo, over the top and an uppercut, that stuns Jones. Spinning back kick connects again for Jones, his best offensive move, but he is denied on another takedown attempt. Gustafsson goes jab to the body, high right and lands. High kick lands with the shin to Gustafsson’s head. Jones with a kick to the body that Gustafsson responds to with one of his own. Uppercut and a right from the challenger, and another right that lands square on the jaw. Jones applying more pressure, coming forward now. Power kick to the body sends Gustafsson up against the fence. Big breathing by Gustafsson now after those shots to the body, as Jones is doing damage. One minute left in the round. Jones defends the takedown this time with ease.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Round 4: Jones with a left to start the round, and Gustafsson answers back with his right. Straight right gets through by Jones, and again, Gustafsson answers back with another right. Nice left jabs getting through by Jones. The left eye of the champion appears to be almost completely swollen shut. Jones drops for a takedown and gets denied easily. Gustafsson with a perfectly timed left and he now is on the attack, kicks to the body and a right to the chin. The crowd senses something and Jones goes for a takedown. Again, Gustafsson denies him and that opens the cut up of Jones even more on his right eye. Two straight lefts by Gustafsson, who is dominating this round. Again, Jones gets denied on a takedown and his right eye is covered with blood. Jones can’t defend anything, likely because he can’t see out of either eye. He checks the clock and goes on the attack. Elbows, knees and Gustafsson is retreating. Jones shoots for a takedown but gets denied. That was the best flurry. Inside the clinch and Jones lands another elbow and is a bloody mess now. Flying knee by Jones.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Round 5: Here we go people! This is insane. Fight of the year right now, even without this fifth round. Gustafsson strikes first, landing a nice right. Kick to the body is blocked by Gustafsson. Inside the clinch and the challenger lands a couple of uppercuts. Straight left by Jones lands. Jones with a step-in elbow and Gustafsson responds with uppercuts. Gustafsson shoots and gets denied. Combo from Gustafsson connect and Jones’ mouth is busted open. He responds with a right of his own, shoots and finally scores with a takedown on his 10th attempt of the fight. We go under three minutes in the fight. Gustafsson wall-walks right to his feet and both fighters are breathing heavily. Halfway home. The crowd is on its feet and Jones lands a head kick. Gustafsson takes it and answers. Gustafsson is exhausted. He puts his hands on his hips and bows his head as we go under two minutes. Jones with a kick. If “Bones” can put anything together, he could finish Gustafsson right here. Spinning back elbow by Gustafsson. Where did that come from? He looked done seconds ago. Big kick to the body by Jones and Gustafsson sprints away. One minute left. Another head kick by the champion lands. Gustafsson gets denied on a takedown attempt as we go under 30 seconds. Another head kick by Jones. And another one. Gustafsson has to have taken 20-plus head kicks. Flying knee and an elbow by Jones to finish this fight. FIGHT OF THE YEAR!

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) to remain UFC light heavyweight champion