Before he steps inside the cage to meet Yancy Medeiros tonight at UFC 172, check out Jim Miller subbing Melvin Guillard from their fight in 2012.

The win was the third straight submission victory for Miller at the time, as he latched on to the back of Guillard and choked him out in the center of the Octagon. Here’s the recap from the night of the fight between Miller and Guillard:

Round 1: Both men look ready to exchange, as Guillard connects with the first big strike. A flying knee by Guillard misses, as Miller just shakes it off. A missed flying knee is followed by Guillard dropping Miller, but Miller gets back up and eats an upper cut. Guillard goes for another knee that lands and Miller is busted open. Miller seems to have found his composure again, as Guillard throws yet another knee. Head kick grazes Miller’s head, as Guillard fights off the takedown attempt. Miller goes to the body with a combo attack. Knee to the head connects, but Miller fights through it and gets the double-leg takedown. Miller takes the back, Guillard stands, but Miller gets him back and has him right in the middle of the Octagon. Miller continues working and gets Guillard to tap with the rear-naked choke.

FightLine will have complete coverage of Miller-Medeiros and the rest of the card later today.