Will Brooks became the interim Bellator lightweight champion when he defeated Michael Chandler Saturday night at Bellator 120.

Courtesy of ESPN, check out the highlights from the night in the video below, along with FightLine’s play-by-play coverage from Dana Becker.

Michael Chandler vs. Will Brooks for Bellator interim lightweight championship

Our co-main event will see Michael Chandler and Will Brooks compete for the interim Bellator lightweight title. Current champion, Eddie Alvarez, is sidelined with a head injury.

Chandler (12-1), a former lightweight titleholder, lost for the first time in his career last November to Alvarez via split decision. He defeated Alvarez in 2011 via submission in just his ninth pro fight.

Brooks (13-1) enters as the Season 9 tournament winner and having won his last four bouts overall. His lone loss came in 2013 to Saad Awad via knockout. Originally, Brooks was to meet Nate Jolly on the main card.

Round 1: Chandler wastes no time going for the takedown and scoring just seconds into the round. Short right hands from Chandler, as he works to better his position and hammer down with more effective ground-and-pound. Brooks explodes and gets to his feet. Heavy kicks from Brooks and Chandler misses with a wild right. Knee to the body from Brooks followed by a series of lefts. Chandler in deep and scores with a double-leg takedown.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Chandler

Round 2: Chandler has tightened up his defense since the loss to Alvarez last year, and scores with his third takedown of the fight. To the body he begins to work. Chandler gets Brooks all the way on his back, allowing him a better chance to punish him. Brooks powers out, they flip and he takes his back. Only for a brief moment, though, as Chandler reverses and gets out of the rear-naked choke attempt with ease.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Chandler

Round 3: Brooks tries for a takedown, gets denied and just misses on a huge uppercut. Chandler goes for a takedown of his own and winds up on his back. He turns and Brooks takes his back, locking in a hook and the second. He spins and goes for a rear-naked choke. Chandler almost gets out, but a body triangle allows Brooks to keep the position. He’s peppering him with lefts. Now he flattens out Chandler and tees off. Chandler eats more punches as Brooks goes to full-mount with two minutes to go. A cut is opened over the left eye and Brooks is teeing off big-time now. Chandler gets out from under, but eats a huge shot to the body. His face is busted open. Brooks again with a shot and again with a takedown, giving up his back once more. Brooks with a hook and a body triangle, working for another rear-naked choke with seconds left.

FightLine scores the round 10-8 for Brooks

Round 4: Lots of left eye swelling for Chandler, who had that area of his face punished by Alvarez. Brooks with a takedown. Coming into the fight, Chandler had been taken down just once. Brooks takes the back again and gets locked up with three minutes to go in the round. Chandler explodes out and gets inside the guard. The ref stands them up, shouting for both fighters to break the hold and get to their feet. Brooks with a shot and Chandler shoots, getting denied and backed up. Chandler puts a hand on the ground and Brooks lands a vicious knee. The ref saw it and time is called. Again, Brooks takes the back and locks in his hooks. He’s got seconds to work the rear-naked.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brooks

Round 5: Nice scramble there over a takedown and both wind up on their feet. Chandler getting beat with knees to the body, but he fires back with a left hook. Brooks is retreating and Chandler gets thrown over his shoulder. We’ve got 90 seconds left in a very close round. Chandler drops for an ankle-pick, Brooks defends and gets free. Chandler lands his left hook again and Brooks is retreating. Chandler all over him and drops Brooks. He jumps on top for a choke with less than a minute to go. Brooks is fighting it off and Chandler switches to mount.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Chandler

Will Brooks def. Michael Chandler via split decision (47-48, 48-46, 48-47) to become interim Bellator lightweight champion