-Chris Holdsworth vs. Chico Camus

Round 1: Though visibly shorter, Camus wastes no time putting the TUF 18 winner on notice in regards to his right hand. Holdsworth dings him with his left not long after, and at that point it’s clear these guys are out to bang. Midway through the round Holdsworth switches tactics and takes Camus down against the cage, and in no time he’s in mount, flexing his jiu-jitsu muscle. Time expires with Holdsworth on top, raining down punches and scoring points.

Round 1 goes to Holdsworth for his ground control.

Round 2: They trade for a bit to start off the round, and after a minute and 20 seconds elapses, Holdsworth again throws Camus down and takes over. An attempted head/arm triangle choke has Camus defending and getting back to his feet, but the takedown comes soon after, and Holdsworth resumes working his foe over from mount and eventually back mount. Camus does well defending, but he’s getting dominated.

Round 2 goes to Holdsworth.

Round 3: Knowing full that he’s doomed in a grappling contest, Camus spends the first minute of the round swinging hard, and manages to tag his opponent a few times. But Holdsworth takes him down picks up where he left off, utterly controlling Camus and demonstrating to the world his jiu-jitsu superiority. The round ends just as the others do, and there’s no question who deserves the decision.

Result: Chris Holdsworth def. Chico Camus via Unanimous Decision