-Michael Chiesa vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1:  Other than their initial touching of the gloves, it’s about a full minute before these men make contact with each other, and even that is just cautious strikes from way outside. Chiesa mixes things up by adding in some takedowns attempt that Trinaldo easily stuffs, but at the midway point of the round the TUF winner is successful in pulling him down. From there Chiesa controls him while in the mount, and peppers him with punches and elbows while the Brazilian struggles to survive. Time runs out with Chiesa mounted and Trinaldo imitating a pounded piece of veal.

Round 1 goes to Chiesa for his ground and pound.

Round 2: Once again a minute is wasted for dancing, but this time Trinaldo is the one to explode into action, firing off punches and jumping into a flying arm-in guillotine attempt. It takes some doing, but Chiesa escapes, and then they’re entangled in a sweep/heelhook/reversal battle. The American ends up on top, and spends the rest of the round grinding his foe.

Round 2 goes to Chiesa – more ground dominance.

Round 3: Chiesa absorbs an accidental knee to the junk, so instead of getting the takedown immediately it takes him two minutes. But when he does, he eases into Trinaldo’s guard and drops some tired punches. Trinaldo very nearly nails an armbar from the bottom – yet fatigue weighs heavily on him as well, and Chiesa escapes and continues to control from on top. The bell rings and the judges tally their scorecards.

Result: Michael Chiesa def. Francisco Trinaldo via Unanimous Decision