-Mitch Clarke vs. Al Iaquinta

Round 1: Clarke comes out probing with kicks, but after about 40 seconds Iaquinta grabs his foot and puts him on his butt with a right hand to the chops. The Long Islander shifts into grappling mode and methodically works to pass half-guard, all the while the two exchanging knuckle sandwiches. Clarke manages to get back to his feet only briefly, and the round ends with Iaquinta battering him from above.

Round 1 goes to Iaquinta for the ground and pound.

Round 2: The Canadian rushes forward and gets thrown to the canvas, and once more Iaquinta is working to pass guard from top position. But out of nowhere, Clarke slips on a D’Arce choke from the bottom, and before Iaquinta can wriggle free, he’s unconscious.

Result: Mitch Clarke def. Al Iaquinta via Technical Submission (D’Arce choke) at :57, R2