Before he steps back inside the Octagon tonight to meet Rustam Khabilov, take a trip back in time and see Benson Henderson become the UFC lightweight champion with a win over Frankie Edgar.

Henderson and Khabilov will meet in the main event from UFC Fight Night 42, and FightLine will have complete coverage of all the action.

Below is the play-by-play report from the Henderson-Edgar fight, along with the complete fight replay.

Benson Henderson fired up on his way to the cage to some Christian rap. Edgar runs through the arena to the strains of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Kick in the Door”. Marc Goddard referees the night’s main event, which is for Edgar’s UFC lightweight title.

Round 1: They touch gloves and get right after it, Henderson flicking out his jab. Edgar with an inside leg kick. Edgar catches a leg kick and walks Henderson across the cage; Henderson fires off a one-legged roundhouse that Edgar ducks. Henderson fires off a left kick to the body and another that Edgar catches. Edgar briefly gets Henderson down, but Bendo pops back up. Edgar quick to react against Henderson’s kicks, catching them or threatening to. Edgar takes a low blow but shakes it off quickly. Edgar catches another big kick, again. Henderson lands a hard kick that Edgar catches, but doesn’t take the sting off of. Hard knee lands for Henderson. Edgar gets touched by a left hand. Edgar catches a kick and fires off one of his own. Edgar hits the takedown, but Bendo gets to his feet quickly and threatens with the standing kimura. Bendo with some nice power strikes on the feet. Edgar tries for a spinning back kick. He trips Bendo to the mat and lands a nice left after he gets up.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Edgar

Round 2: Edgar lumped up under his left eye. Henderson is far from getting outclassed, but Edgar’s tenacity is scoring. Edgar catches the kick again and lands with one of his own. Henderson lands a hard left as Edgar moves in. Edgar with a hard inside leg kick. Edgar catches the kick again, Henderson just starts throwing right hooks. Edgar lands a few punches of his own. Henderson lands another hard left hand and a good knee from the clinch. Edgar’s movement, as always, is stellar. Henderson manages to find him and land a mean knee though. Edgar returns with a nice combo on the feet. Henderson with a switch knee. Though Edgar may be landing more, he’s showing more damage than Bendo. Edgar lands a nice left of his own and then hits a takedown, working for the guillotine. Henderson gets to his feet by threatening with the kimura. Edgar with an inside leg kick and a hard left outside leg kick to follow. Henderson barely misses with a big knee. Edgar digging in and firing back, Henderosn obliges. Edgar again hits the takedown, working from Henderson’s full guard. Edgar working ground and pound as Henderson throws up his legs and looks for a sub. Edgar backs out and gets nailed on his way back in by a front kick; he’s wobbled. The round is closing and Edgar manages to survive Henderson’s big ground and pound shots by hanging onto a leg.

Edgar’s nose is cut and bleeding badly from the upkick.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 3: Edgar is bloodied and battered but moving just the same. Edgar witha kick to the body. Edgar with a nice right hand. Edgar digs in and lands a nice three-piece. Edgar shoots for a takedown and lands a nice right hand for it. Henderson with a hard body kick that Edgar partially takes on the arm. Edgar shoots deep but Henderson just shoves him off. Edgar takes a knee to the body but counters nicely with a hard right hand. Edgar with another nice right hand. Henderson knocks Edgar off balance when he goes for a kick and threatens to take his back. Edgar gets to his feet, but Henderson takes him right back down. Edgar’s left eye is badly swollen. He gets to his feet. Edgar finding a home for his right hand, getting out of the way before Henderson can counter. Edgar finding a rhythm in his counters now. He lands a good inside leg kick. Henderson with a hard kick to the body that Edgar catches and counters. Edgar with a big takedown to a slam. Henderson quickly to his feet; he tries for one of his own but is denied. Henderson whiffs on a head kick. Edgar lands another big takedown before the bell. Henderson gets in a good elbow.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Edgar

Round 4: Edgar with an inside leg kick. Edgar tries for a head kick that Bendo blocks. Henderson comes in with a leg kick that Edgar catches, but still takes some of the heat from. Henderson disrupts a leg kick attempt with a stiff jab. Edgar lands a quick, stinging three-shot combination. Henderson lands a hard kick to Edgar’s cup. Edgar with a good right after they reset. Edgar with a pair of rights to follow. Edgar times Henderson as he comes in a d tries for the takedown, but Henderson defends. Edgar lands another big right hand. Henderson lands a big knee, opening himself up for a takedown by Edgar. Henderson slaps on a guillotine; it’s deep, but Edgar fights free and remains on top. Both men trading elbows. Henderson stands, threatens with that kimura and shakes Edgar off. Henderson dropping his hands and standing sideways. Henderson lands a pair of hard kicks and a bid knee. Edgar with a right. Edgar goes for a big trip but only halfway completes it. Henderson is after him as they stand, landing a staggering body kick. Edgar recovers quickly, but Henderson is stalking. Edgar with a flurry before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Edgar

Round 5: Henderson is fired up, egging on the crowd while a battered Edgar gets ready for another round. Edgar working inside leg kicks. Edgar catches the kick again. Edgar with a good right that Henderson counters with a hard kick. Edgar. bleeding heavily, lands a nice uppercut. Edgar lands a hammering straight left hand that Henderson just swallows. Edgar with another hard right as Henderson steps in. Edgar gets the clinch and briefly takes Henderson down and briefly takes his back, but once again, Henderson threatens with the kimura and escapes. Edgar with an inside leg kick. Henderson lands a thudding straight right. Such a close fight throughout, it could very well come down to this round to the judges. Edgar slips on a kick but prevents Henderson from capitalizing. Edgar drops Henderson with a short right hand. He follows him down but can’t do much there before Henderson gets to his feet. Edgar sticks a straight left. Henderson with a head kick that is partially blocked by Edgar. Edgar catches another kick, but can’t get the takedown. Henderson on the balls of his feet. Edgar shoots but is denied, though he comes back with a good right kick. Henderson lands a jumping knee and Edgar gets the takedown. Henderson reverses and threatens with the guillotine before settling in with a few ground and pound shots before the bell.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Benson Henderson defeated Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 49-46)