UFC president Dana White revealed some interesting news during his latest “Download” interview on UFC.com.

White stated that the promotion has cut Jason High following an incident at UFC Fight Night 42 over the weekend. After the referee called an end to contest with Rafael dos Anjos, High got up and protested, pushing the official.

“What I did find out is that I guess that Jason High kid got up and pushed a referee – he’s cut,” White said in disgust. “I’m going to cut him. I look at that the way (Paul) Daley put his hands on his opponent after a fight was over. You don’t ever, ever (expletive) touch a referee, ever. You’re done here. He’s been apologizing on Twitter, but he’s done.”

White also stated that Ross Pearson will be given his win bonus after the judging fiasco following his fight with Diego Sanchez. Sanchez was awarded the split decision, but White stated the Brit would be given his $30,000 win bonus and things would move on as if he was the winner all along.

“Diego lost that fight. The judge who judged that fight should never be judging fights again. He never should be judging fights of this caliber, he needs to go back down into the amateurs and really learn how to judge a fight,” White said. “First of all, you gave every round to Diego, who got dropped in the second round. It was a knockdown, how does Diego win that round? It’s not possible. I don’t know how you can vote against him, but it goes to show that you’re never safe. That’s as bad as it gets.”

During the card, which White did not attend, he was noticeably quiet on Twitter. He stated that, after a family vacation to Maine, his allergies were bothering him.

“I took some Benadryl and it knocked me out,” he said. “You know what woke me up? The crowd during the (John) Dodson fight woke me up. It was so (expletive) loud on my TV. That crowd was insane.”