It was a busy day for the Nevada State Athletic Commission yesterday, as they held a routine meeting and discussed a multitude of issues – not the least of which was what to do with newly-retired UFC star Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen, you’ll recall, was subject to a recent surprise drug test, and it was revealed that he had subsequently tested positive for banned substances. As a result, the former middleweight and light-heavyweight contender abruptly retired.

What did the commission decide? As per MMAFighting:

The Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) unanimously voted on Tuesday to issue retired UFC veteran Chael Sonnen a temporary suspension for the failed random drug test in late-May that effectively forced him off UFC 175’s pay-per-view card and led to his retirement from mixed martial arts.

Sonnen, who tested positive for the banned substances Anastrozole and Clomiphene, is expected to state his case at a full hearing later this year at a yet-to-be-scheduled NAC meeting.

Of course, because Sonnen retired, this is something of an empty gesture. Still, some form of punishment had to be meted out, so this is what he got.