Anthony Hamilton left Ruan Potts’ face almost unscratched Saturday night at UFC 177. His body was a different story.

Hamilton took Potts down a number of times and landed 67 of 69 body strikes in earning a second round TKO and his first UFC victory.

“Coach Greg Jackson and I talked about it and we wanted to put on a good show for the fans and prove I’m a great striker,” Hamilton said. “We wanted to wear him down with takedowns and get him tired, hopefully leading to knocking him out.”

Hamilton (13-3) waited for the second to go for the majority of his ground attacks, allowing Potts (8-3) to continually stand back up after taking him down. On one takedown, Potts appeared to almost crush his own head as he hit the canvas.

“The plan was to work the body and work ground-and-pound,” he said.