UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman will have been preparing for almost a full-year to fight Vitor Belfort by the time the two actually collide.

And Weidman is honestly worried all of that prep and training will go to waste.

The two are set to meet in February at UFC 184 from Los Angeles and the Staples Center. Belfort, though, must pass a series of blood and urine tests to show that he is not on TRT before he will be allowed to compete.

During a pre-fight press conference in Australia earlier this week, Weidman, Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold were all asked about Belfort.

“Vitor’s a joke to me,” said Rockhold, who lost to Belfort when he was on TRT. “Let’s see what comes out (of the tests). I’m very interested to see what he turns up and I’m interested to see what happens to the drug test he took the other day.”

Weidman, who mentioned on Twitter that he had yet to hear of any testing being given to Belfort just moments before it was confirmed, responded to Rockhold’s comments by saying, “Yeah, I’m worried about that.”

Bisping, another victim of Belfort inside the Octagon, stated “Vitor was juiced to the gills for many years and now he’s not. Is he going to be the same person? That’s the question that everybody’s asking and only he knows. We shall see.”