Donald Cerrone proved a point Sunday night, fighting just two weeks after defeating Myles Jury and claiming a decision over Benson Henderson at UFC Fight Night 59.

Replacing Eddie Alvarez, Cerrone (27-6) earned his seventh straight victory on the scorecards. He had lost twice before to Henderson (21-5) in the WEC.

“Ben is one helluva guy and it was a tough fight,” Cerrone said. “I couldn’t move like I wanted to. The dude is a stud and my hats off to him.”

The two shared several moments during the week, reflecting on their past bouts and time together. Cerrone was able to score a pair of takedowns, negating the striking advantage that “Smooth” had.”

Having competed earlier this month, Cerrone didn’t let in on any previous injuries he might have had entering the Henderson fight, saying “that’s my secret only.

“I felt good,” he added. “Only the judges know (what they saw). The only think I can do is fight.”