Antonio Silva has had his issues with Dr. Marcio Tannure in the past.

And he believes that Tannure has caused the same kind of damage to former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“The Spider” was recently found to have used two banned steroids that came up in testing during January as he worked his way back to a fight with Nick Diaz. In 2013, “Bigfoot” received a suspension for elevated levels of TRT in his system – to which blamed Tannure, who is the medical director for the Brazilian Athletic Commission.

“I am absolutely sure that he is not guilty of anything,” said Antonio Silva, in an interview with Globo. “I think he must have made use of something on the orders of the doctor. He was the victim in this doping. I think people upstairs (the Commission) need to see that. It is not the first case of this doctor (Tannure). They need to see who the athletes are and who is leaving these problems.

“I had a problem with this doctor and I ended up being suspended nine months for doping. It was the time of the TRT. I made an application to replace the hormone at the time and was released. I knew what he was doing completely and it was allowed, but he gave me a higher dose than my body needed. No evil desire, but do not want on my side.”

Anderson Silva recently released a statement, saying he did not cheat and planned to work to clear his name. It is the only statement he has made since news of the failed test.