John Lineker had the fight he wanted and he blew his opportunity.

Despite weight-cutting issues, the UFC went ahead and paired Lineker up with Ian McCall recently, and Lineker claimed a victory. The problem was that he failed to make weight for a fourth time in eight UFC fights, and is now headed out of the flyweight division.

His manager, Alex Davis, told MMAjunkie Radio during an interview that he is in no position to make demands for a fight for Lineker (25-7) now.

“This was a title contention fight. I just messed them up. Messed the whole division up,” he said. “This is a title contention fight where the winner can’t fight for the title and knocked out the loser. This is a bad situation for Zuffa.

“Right now, I’m going to sit down and let them tell us what they want us to do.”

UFC president Dana White stated after the missed weigh-in that Lineker would be forced to compete at bantamweight next. He has won six of his eight UFC fights.