Richard Perez has spent countless days and hours helping perfect the boxing skills for former UFC title contender Nick Diaz.

Under the supervision of Perez, Diaz has set numerous records for strikes landed.

When he returned to action recently vs. Anderson Silva, though, Perez was not in his corner. He explained why during a recent appearance on Submission Radio.

“Well what happened was you know when he fought his last fight – not this one with Anderson Silva, but when he fought Georges St-Pierre – I didn’t get my percentage on the pay, and I don’t know what happened with the mix up with the manager and Nick. And then so he let the other manager go and he hired this other man named Lloyd (Pierson) as the new manager and they met (up at) my gym; and you know we renegotiated for the purse, and I asked for a contract and they said it was fine. That was in October,” Perez said. So then I started training Nick and I kept calling Lloyd and I wasn’t getting no contract. So I just felt like, you know I think it was around the 12th of January I decided I don’t want to do this anymore, because I don’t want to get burned. So I texted Lloyd and told him I’m not going to do this unless I get my contract like you promised me, and that’s what happened. They didn’t want to give me the contract so I felt like I didn’t want to get burned again. But I guess I did.

“It’s sad because I brought him all the way up to the top, and this is what they talk about his, striking and he gets …. this guy’s a legend and he gets a big pay, and then I’m being pushed aside. So you know, that’s what happened. So yeah I’m hurt about it. You know and it’s sad because you have a relationship with a guy, (you) teach him to do something that he doesn’t know, and you bring him to the top and he breaks the record for throwing the most punches; and all of a sudden I’m out.”

Diaz tested positive for a third time for marijuana during the post-fight drug test and likely faces both a suspension and fine from the Nevada Athletic Commission. He did post a message on social media recently that made it seem as if he was retiring once again, but Perez stated he believes “he’l do the two more fights” that are left on his contract.

The test failure came as a bit of a surprise to Perez, who admitted he wasn’t around Diaz in the days leading up to the fight.

“I really didn’t think he was going to (test positive) for marijuana,” he said. “I didn’t think he was going to do that, but I guess he did it. I mean he does it sometimes and sometimes he doesn’t. I don’t know, I mean I’m not with him twenty four-seven. So even when I’m there at the fight, you know when we’re there like three-or-four days before the fight, I’m not around him all the time. So I don’t know when he did it. I can’t answer that. I just do the best I can do and remind him, you know to not do it until after the fight. You want to do whatever you want after the fight? That’s fine. But I don’t know if somebody convinces him, or they pull it out or something and he’s there. I don’t know.

“The marijuana, I don’t know what they’re gonna do. The marijuana, it doesn’t do good for you in the fight. It’s not a steroid, it’s not like, it’s doesn’t affect you and make you stronger, or faster, or anything. It just makes you like, slow. I mean I don’t know. I think he did it like maybe eight days before, nine days, 10 days or whatever. Because it takes a while to clear. So I don’t know. You know it could’ve been three days. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”