Wanderlei Silva still has a fight left on his UFC contract.

The promotion, though, won’t give him a fight because of his legal troubles with the Nevada Athletic Commission after refusing to take a drug test. “The Axe Murderer” was suspended for the decision, but the UFC has yet to release him from his contract.

“That’s the problem is because I have one fight left in my contract and I don’t want to fight for this event (UFC) anymore,” said Silva, during a recent appearance on Submission Radio. “And these guys hold my contract and I can’t do nothing in any other event. And I’m not gonna fight there, I’m not gonna fight in any other event and these guys hold my contract.

“I want to be free. I don’t want to (be) working for these guys anymore. And he don’t sign the agreement and say ‘no, you are free.'”

Silva (35-12-1) hasn’t fought since a 2013 second round knockout victory over Brian Stann. He was scheduled to face Chael Sonnen last year, but both fighters ended up being removed from the planned bout due to failed drug tests.

After being asked why he can’t just call up either UFC president Dana White or UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and solve this whole problem, Silva explained that he’s attempted to do just that.

“No, these guys don’t talk with me, you know? These guys don’t talk with me,” he said. “They don’t say nothing, and this is so disrespectful, because like, wanting them (NAC) to make me retired. When happened all these things with the commission, these guys didn’t contact me and say ‘It’s gonna happen this, it’s gonna happen that.’

“I saw what was happening on the news, on the internet. This is so disrespectful and I don’t wanna (be) working for these guys anymore.”