UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has been cast into the spotlight thanks to his feud with Conor McGregor.

After a whirl-wind media tour, the two are now finished and back home ahead of their UFC 189 meeting this July.

Some have wondered if the actions by “Notorious” have gotten to Aldo. The Brazilian, though, sounds confident in his mind-set.

“The attention is on me,” he said, during the recent tour. “I am the champion. The attention is all on me; not the challenger.

“I know that this is just media, just promotion for the fight. For me, what really matters is what happens inside the cage. That is all that matters.”

Inside the Octagon, Aldo is unbeaten, having bested the likes of Frankie Edgar, Kenny Florian, Chad Mendes and everybody else who has come after his belt.

“It is a moment of happiness defending my title,” Aldo said. “Every time I walk to the cage, I feel happiness. It’s my job.”