C.B. Dollaway was given the chance to make a name for himself in the UFC’s middleweight division when he was paired up with Lyoto Machida.

Dollaway, though, admits that the pressure of the situation got the best of him, and has promised to not let that happen tonight when he takes on Michael Bisping at UFC 186.

“I learned to get in there and fight and not wait,” said Dollaway, during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight. “I had too much nerves and emotion get ahold of me. When I get in there, he’s just another man. I’m not going to let that happen again. I’m going to fight my fight and do what I do. I know how that ends.”

Dollaway (15-6) had his two-fight win streak snapped by Machida in December, suffering his first stoppage loss since 2011 in the process.

A former NCAA and NJCAA standout wrestler, Dollaway believes that is the key to his success vs. Bisping. He also plans to take advantage of a weak spot on “The Count” from previous battles.

“I’m going to just go out and use some of that Colby College wrestling to put him on his back and feed him some shots,” he said. “I don’t target it, but I’m definitely not going to not punch him in the eye. I’m not a bad sport. I’m not going to try to poke him in the eye. I’m not going to target it. But if that’s the eye he gets punched in, than that’s the eye he gets punched in. He got cleared to go in the Octagon just like me and it is what it is.”