Alexander Gustafsson spent countless weeks preparing for Jon Jones, and went 25 minutes with him for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

While on the outside looking in towards another title fight, Gustafsson did have interest in what the UFC would do regarding Jones and the title after his recent alleged hit-and-run.

The UFC stripped him of the title, suspended Jones and made Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson – who was the last fighter to best Gustafsson – for the new belt.

And “The Mauler” agrees 100-percent.

“That was the only thing that they could have done because so many things Jon Jones has been doing and he’s been getting away with stuff,” Gustafsson said in a video posted on his Facebook page. “How far can he go? It doesn’t do him any favors doing that. This is a favor to him.

“That you show that this is not acceptable. That you can’t continue doing this while you’re having the world title.”

As an international fighter, the Swede knows how important being the face of the UFC can be.

“You have to represent the sport well, you have to be a role model for young kids,” he said. “You’re the ambassador for the sport globally.”

My thoughts about Jon Jones losing his belt.

My thoughts about Jon "Bones" Jones losing his belt.We have received a lot of media requests about my thoughts in regards to Jon Jones situation. Watch the full clip in my MIKZ channel.

Posted by Alexander Gustafsson on Wednesday, April 29, 2015