Chael Sonnen remains one of the more out-spoken personalities in all of MMA.

And despite being on suspension, that hasn’t changed one bit.

Sonnen, who is set to return to action in a grappling match at UR Fight vs. Michael Bisping, recently appeared on Submission Radio to talk about his return, Holly Holm, Conor McGregor and of course, “The Count.”

Check out the complete transcript of the interview below:

On Holm taking a fight with Tate rather than waiting for the Rousey rematch:

“She had a major opportunity to fight Ronda Rousey in an immediate rematch. And the way her contract works and the way the UFC analytics projections work, they would have paid her about 10 million dollars. On the other side of it is, who knows if Ronda is ever going to come back? You know, why should Holly wait till November? She’s got this new contact, she’s the new champion, she’s not a rich gal. This contract has the ability to make her rich, but she’s got to go out and activate it, which means she had to fight somebody.

“If I was in Holly’s shoes I would have done the same thing. I would have gone out and competed, expected to win, expected to just meet Ronda later. So you know, critiquing her isn’t totally fair when I would have done the same thing, but it is the reality. She’s got a manager that does not know what he’s doing. He’s not an MMA guy, he came from the boxing world. And he can be a perfectly nice guy, that’s not to be an insult to him, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he got her a bad deal. And that’s just the reality. Even her fight that she just had with Miesha Tate, he got her a bad deal. And he thought that he did a great job. He doesn’t know this business.”

What Chael thinks the UFC should do with Holm now:

“What the UFC will do is they would make Tate versus Rousey 3. But what I would do, is I would just leave the title out of it completely and I would do an immediate rematch with Ronda versus Holly Holm. The way the minds work at Zuffa is, ‘look we got UFC 200, we gotta put the belt on the line, we gotta put our top stars against whoever the champ is’. I disagree. I think sometimes you just gotta make a fight. You know, Anderson versus Bisping. There was no title on the line, but that was a fight. Conor versus Diaz – which currently holds every UFC record there is, at least on pay-per-view. Not live gate, but pay-per-view – there was no title on the line.

“It was just the fight that people wanted to see. Because I think sometimes you just gotta make the fight. But I know the way that they think over there and they think, ‘well, we lost that fight because Miesha’s now champ. Now it’s Miesha versus Ronda,’ so that’s at least what will be offered. I would just hope that somebody in the room at least makes the suggestion of “why do we have to do it for the title? Why can’t we just do the fight everyone wants to see?”

How much Conor’s loss at UFC 196 will affect his drawing power:

“No, it definitely won’t. Not in the short-term. You know, he’s still the world champion and he still goes back down. He can patch up with the boat with two or three microphones in his hand. Unlike most other fighters, he’s got a different skillset. So no, he’s going to do real well, and frankly that invincibility factor traditionally has worked against guys. You know, there’s only been one heavyweight of all time that could fight and draw being invincible, and that was Mike Tyson. Even Jon Jones, as great as he is, until recently wasn’t able to draw very well.

“Anderson never drew until I came around – and I don’t mean to insert myself into this, but again, that’s just a number. So no, being invincible isn’t a tremendous drawing point, good competition is, somebody that’s exciting. So he’s going to do fine, but to say that he’s not going to take a dip, yeah I think he’ll take a little bit of a dip. But even with a dip he’ll still be the biggest star the company’s got right now.”