UFC Fight Night 85 will get under way in lovely Brisbane, Australia, at 4 PM / PST, and you can follow the preliminary action right here.

Damien Brown vs. Alan Patrick

Round 1: Patrick flurries in and takes Brown to the mat. Brown takes a couple of shots but scrambles back to his feet. Patrick grabs a guillotine and the fight heads back down. Brown is out. Latter eats a couple of elbows. Brown gets to his feet and again, he’s forced to defend the guillotine. Now Brown’s on top. Fight’s back up. Wow. Brown gets at TD. More scrambling. What action. Now Brown’s looking for a kimura from side guard. Patrick defends and fight’s back up. Round ends.

Round 2: Patrick misses with a big left but gets another TD. Patrick is hunting for a choke but lets it go. Now Brown is looking for an armbar but Patrick defends. Latter fires down some hard shots from above. Brown returns the favor from below. Patrick is still working from the top position. Brown keeps looking for the kimura but Patrick is wise to it. Wow. Brown briefly had Patrick’s arm extended but he works his way out. Round ends.

Round 3: Patrick scores a TD right out of the gate. Patrick is trying to take Brown’s back. Now he looks for an arm-triangle-choke but Brown defends. Latter is trying to get back to hi feet but Patrick is all over him. Fans are starting to boo as not much is going on. Brown is finally back to his feet. Latter comes in with a front kick and Patrick fires back a left. Patrick shoots in but misses. Patrick shoots in and gets the TD. Final horn goes. Determined effort from Brown but Patrick controlled nearly all the action.

Alan Patrick def. Damien Brown via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Chad Laprise vs. Ross Pearson

Round 1: Both men throw out some jabs. Pearson with an inside leg kick. And another. Laprise fires a high kick that’s blocked. Latter lands a right. Another leg kick from Pearson. Whoa. Pearson gets his hand up just in time to block most of a high kick. Laprise threatens with another right, high kick. Inside of Laprise’s left leg is ridiculously red. Pearson goes to the body. They trade low kicks. Laprise with a right hand. Laprise with a nice combo. Pearson comes with a front kick and the round ends. Close round.

Round 2: Another inside leg kick from Pearson. Latter wings a high kick. Pearson lands a left. Laprise throws a high kick but it’s blocked. Wow. Hard leg kick from Pearson. Laprise comes in with leg kick has well. There’s some redness and swelling under right eye of Pearson. Kenny Florian continues to praise Pearson for his head movement. Hard to disagree. Nice right from Pearson. Laprise fires back with a couple of head kicks. Laprise sticks Pearson with a right. More leg kicks from Pearson. Latter may have something wrong with his right leg. Sharp jab from Pearson. Wow. Laprise wings in a couple of hard kicks. Great round.

Round 3: Both lightweights continue to stay busy. Pearson goes to the body. Jab from Pearson lands. Latter plants a right. Another right from Pearson lands. Laprise sticks the jab. Both guys chuck kicks. Laprise with another nice jab. Another leg kick from Pearson. Double jab from Laprise. Nice combo from Laprise. Wow. Latter just misses with a head kick. Another combo from Laprise. Pearson’s right eye is getting worse. Hard leg kick from Pearson. Latter shoots in but Laprise shrugs it off.  Laprise with a spinning elbow. Pearson tries for a flying knee. Round ends. Great fight.

Ross Pearson def. Chad Laprise via split decision (28-30, 30-27, 29-28)

Viscardi Andrade vs. Richard Walsh

Round 1: Walsh comes out aggressively. Andrade almost lands a big counter right. Wow. Andrade sends Walsh to the mat briefly with a right. They clinch up against the cage. Walsh works his way out. Wow. Both guys wing huge punches that miss. Andrade is looking for a TD. Andrade gets it. Elbow from Andrade.  Latter isn’t trying to pass guard. Ref stands them up. Both men fire hard shots that miss. Andrade spins with an elbow but Walsh shoots in. Round ends.

Round 2: Walsh plants a jab. Andrade wings a huge right that misses. Andrade moves in and eats a huge counter. He stumbles to the floor and Walsh is on top. Andrade appears to be okay. Latter with an up kick. Andrade gets to his feet. Walsh looks tired after going for the finish. Andrade gets the TD but Walsh pops back to his feet. Walsh cracks Andrade with another hard shot. They clinch up. Crazy scrambling ensues. Walsh is trying to work out from Andrade along the fence. Andrade has locked up a choke. Round ends. Wow.

Round 3: Walsh comes out aggressively once again. He pushes Andrade to the cage with a nice combo. Andrade shoots a beautiful TD in response. Andrade is looking for another choke but Walsh is defending, trying to get back to his feet. Some boos ring out. Walsh gets to his feet. Andrade misses with an elbow. Latter’s shot is squashed. Now Walsh gets a single leg TD. Andrade is back up. Now action’s back down and Andrade is on top. Final horn goes.

Viscardi Andrade def. Richard Walsh via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Rin Nakai vs. Leslie Smith

Round 1: Both women are trying to read each other’s range. Not much volume at all so far. Nakai flurries in and Smith counters to the body. Nakai lands a right but takes a counter left. Smith charges in and Nakai feints a TD. Nakai eats a right. Nakai clubs Smith to the back of the head with a left. Nice hook from Nakai. Smith with a combo. Nakai plants a right. Smith charges in and Nakai clinches up. Nakai lands some uppercuts and then a throw. Smith gets back to her feet. Nakai fires a leg kick. Smith goes to the body. Latter sticks a jab. Smith plants a right and then a left. Nakai shoots in but round comes to an end.

Round 2: Smith fires in a hard right. Nakai feints with a TD. Nakai is reacting like she took a poke to the eye. Nakai shoots a nice TD and is in half guard. Smith almost works her way up and out but Nakai is still on top. Wow. Smith scissors Nakai’s head with her legs but latter works her way free. Now Nakai is working an arm-triangle-choke. Smith is trying to roll out and does. Wow. Smith comes firing with some big punches and tags Nakai. Latter clinches up and throws Smith to the mat. Nakai fires in some left hands. Round ends.

Round 3: Nakai is looking to clinch up but can’t get it. Smith with a nice combo. Action has slowed. Nakai shoots in and pushes Smith to the cage. Knee from Nakai. Smith plants a big uppercut. Nakai takes a hard jab. Nakai clinches up. Smith with a body shot. Nakai shoots in again and pushes Smith to the fence. Nice hip toss from Nakai. Latter is working from the top. Round ends. Another fight goes to the scorecards…

Leslie Smith def. Rin Nakai via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Mark Eddiva vs. Dan Hooker

Round 1: Hooker threatens with a high front kick. Eddiva fires a side kick. Latter sticks a right hand and pushes him to the cage. Hooker is looking for a guillotine. Eddiva rolls but Hooker’s in mount. Eddiva taps. Very nice win for Hooker.

Dan Hooker def. Mark Eddiva via submission (guillotine choke) R1, 1:24

Alan Jouban vs. Brendan O’Reilly

Round 1: Jouban fires a kick to the body but takes a counter right. They clinch up and O’Reilly scores a beautiful trip.  Jouban gets back to his feet. O’Reilly with a knee to the body. Jouban returns knees of his own. Wow. Jouban with a vicious flurry of strikes and O’Reilly is hurt. O’Reilly wings back a big shot out of desperation but Jouban keeps pouring it on.  Jouban floors O’Reilly with an elbow. More punches from Jouban and that’s a wrap. Impressive win for the latter.

Alan Jouban def. Brendan O’Reilly via TKO (strikes) R1, 2:15