Daniel Cormier explained that as he gets older, the cut to light heavyweight has gotten more difficult.

Despite a rough weight cut last week, Cormier was successful, defending his title at UFC 210 over Anthony Johnson.

Below are highlights from his post-fight interview on FOX Sports:

Cormier on his performance: “They can all get this lyrical masterpiece. I’m not going to beg for cheers. At the end of the day I get the job done. If they don’t like me, they don’t like me.”

Cormier on if he was surprised Johnson tried to wrestle with him: “It did surprise me, but then I said ok, I hung on him and I knew I’d get him. He’s done so well knocking people out and when it doesn’t go his way, he goes back to wrestling and I knew I’d get him.”

Cormier on if he had a broken nose: “He kicked me square on the nose with his shin. I have to go to the doctor and get a CT scan to see what’s up with it.”

Cormier on if he’ll fight Jon Jones or Jimi Manuwa next: “I say over and over, if you’re in class and you get suspended, you can’t talk about a fight. Jimi doesn’t want to fight me. If he wants to fight me, it’s a one-round fight.”

Cormier on his weight cut: “It was very tough. It was the toughest cut. I’m getting older. I’ve got a better nutritionist now, but if I’m going to defend the title, I’ve got to make the weight.”